Finger Lakes Dog Friendly Rooms!

We offer an array of pet-friendly rooms for those traveling with their furry friends. We also provide pet-free, allergen-free rooms for the comfort of those with allergies.

If you are interested in having your pet(s) stay with you, each guest must sign a pet release form at check-in. We will apply a non-refundable fee of $30 per night per pet to your room charge. A maximum of 2 pets per room are allowed on the premises at one time. Pet owners must either cage their pet(s) or remove their pet(s) from the room prior to housekeeping entry. If the pet(s) cause a disturbance, the owner will be notified and must respond back to the hotel within 45 minutes of when the call was received. If the pet causes any damages or costs to the hotel, the owner shall be liable for the entire amount of all damages caused by such pet.